Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine’s Day Boxes

We got our first Valentines in the mail today!  Since we are expecting more and we have quite a while to wait and open them we made mailboxes to store them in.  :)

I had one shoebox available and covered it with leftover Christmas wrapping (white side out.)  I just used a plain white wrapping box for the other one.

IMG_5459 This is ds3’s.  I wasn’t sure he’d be “into” this as he’s not very crafty and is getting old enough to start thinking it’s too girly.  But he enjoyed it and did a great job!  I like the happy face with the “kiss” stamps all over it (bottom right) and the happy face with the heart sticker for a nose.  We played a few games of tic tac toe with the X and O stamper.  :)

IMG_5461 This is ds4’s.  I have NO IDEA why he chose to store it on the floor in the kitchen lol.  Believe me, it won’t last long there, let alone until Valentine’s.  He had fun with the glitter as you can see.

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