Monday, February 15, 2010

Outdoor Hour: Winter Tree Study


It’s been so cold and gloomy around here we really haven’t been keeping up with our nature studies.  I did manage to get the boys outside one morning when the sun decided to peek through and we completed the winter version of our tree study.

IMG_5722 We chose dh’s Maple tree for this year’s study.  Here ds3 makes his bark rubbing.

IMG_5723 I don’t know why he chose to do his sketch in his nature journal with his back to the tree lol.  It’s okay, though, ds4 is keeping an eye on the tree and describing it to ds3.  We noticed a few buds and some very small new growth on some of the branches.  I sure hope our recent “winter storm” doesn’t hurt the tree’s progress.  Seriously, though, we have had a record number of  hard freeze nights for our area and we are all (plants and people included) so very ready for some warmer temps.  ;)


  1. It is supposed to snow 4 inches here tonight. I feel like I am living in some northern state. I will be down to visit and help with nature studies as soon as it warms up down your way. : )

  2. Winter tree study...completed! Great job getting outside even in your cold weather. Now you can make some comparisons in the spring and see just how much difference there is going to be for your tree.

    Thanks for sharing your study,
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  3. Brrrr, that looks cold! How are the cats keeping warm? I've tagged you for a meme I thought the kids would like. Check it out on my blog.


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