Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Book Review: Fireworks Over Toccoa


Thanks to 5 Minutes For Books I received a review copy of Jeffrey Stepakoff’s new book Fireworks Over Toccoa from St. Martin’s Press.   The book is out in bookstores today and if you find yourself in need of some spring break reading you should definitely grab a copy!

I read this lovely romance in almost one sitting.  It is an easy read but a delightful story that you will savor long after you are finished.  I loved the southern setting (gee, can’t imagine why lol) and the post WWII time frame was ideal for the plot to unfold.  The characters are very real and very easy to relate to.  I especially liked Stepakoff’s presentation of flashback and retelling of events…it was very easy to follow and understand who was who and how events unfolded.  He also did a great job weaving his knowledge of fireworks and the war seamlessly in the story.  The story itself is a refreshing twist to the whole love and choice scenario of many romances. 

You can find more info on the author at his website (wouldn’t it be neat if he had a signing nearby?) While I did receive a free copy of the book, the opinions I offer here are all my own and I received no other compensation.


  1. That book sounds interesting! I'm not sure whether the book had arrived in my country yet!

  2. I agree with you- this was very engaging and I didn't want to stop reading once I started! Thanks for linking up with us.


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