Friday, March 12, 2010

Outdoor Hour: Spring Wildflowers


Or maybe not.  The boys and I took a lovely walk around the neighborhood today in search of signs of spring, specifically wildflowers.  We took pics of what we found and came home to search the Handbook of Nature Study and internet to identify what we saw.  I couldn’t find any of the beauties we observed and now believe we may have just been oohing and ahhing over weeds anyway lol.

IMG_6244 IMG_6250

IMG_6247 IMG_6252

IMG_6253 IMG_6256 Yes, my guys are wearing thick jackets in 60 degree weather…they are on an Ed, Edd and Eddy kick (don’t ask me, it’s some cartoon) and one of the Eds wears a jacket all the time.  Sigh.

IMG_6258 It rained last night and ds4 says he was making rain prints with his shoes.  A closer inspection of his attire shows us an inside-out pajama shirt, a pair of swim trunks, socks and crocks, and of course, the jacket.  He is stylin’!  No wonder only one neighbor was brave enough to say “Hi” this morning.  ;)

Oh well, I am just thrilled that warmer weather is on it’s way and our future holds many more hours outside.

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