Friday, April 30, 2010


Dh has been out of town all week on business.  We made it through the week and get to pick him up at the airport this afternoon!  The boys were up bright and early, greeting me with “Happy Daddy Day!”  Sigh.  Ds4 even greeted ds1 with his happy phrase this morning and it got me to thinking about how my older boys never had to endure any time apart from their daddy…at least not when they were as young as the littles are now.  Dh didn’t start traveling for his job until a few years ago, first to attend schools for training and now to help set up the labs in hospitals that have joined his hospital’s network.  We both hate it.  Dh enjoys travel but not by plane, and not without us.  When the older boys were still homeschooling we would all go with dh, one time to Ohio for a week!  Much fun and family bonding.  Just another reason why homeschooling ROCKS!  And another reason why little boys growing up stinks lol.  So I’m off to corral these boys, get the house cleaned up and keep the guys busy until the daddy plane hits home turf later today.

Wait!  I have to tell a funny family story.  The title of this post is reunion, and we will have a brief reunion in the airport, but it won’t consist of any, let’s say, “enthusiastic” greetings…dh is not into public displays of affection lol.  When we married he had just gotten out of Air Force tech school and was on his way to his first assignment in England…I had to stay behind and wait for paperwork to go through.  We are talking about the military here, so yes, it took three months.  When my plane finally landed at the airport and I spotted dh you can expect we were thrilled to see each other.  Dh walked up to me and…shook my hand. He was still very much in the “fresh out of bootcamp” zone and didn’t want to draw attention to himself.   It was an 8 hour flight following a 2 hour flight and a long connection wait so I was so tired and in shock that I didn’t even care too much at the time lol.  But this greeting has become quite the story in our family over the years.

Today?  I get a quick hug and maybe a peck on the lips and I’ll take it.  After a week apart, I don’t even mind the handshake!  ;)


  1. That reunion story is too funny. Although I've got to admit it sounds like something Bryan would do too. Once before we were married I was leaving for three weeks. I was going to kiss him goodbye but we were in public! The horror!

  2. LOL! And I thought my guy was undemonstrative!


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