Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Flat Friend

We have a visitor this week…

IMG_7489 Flat Stanley!  My niece sent this cutie to me to hang out and have adventures.  My nieces have horrible timing btw.  Last year one of them sent us her Flat Stanley the week after we got back from Disney World!  We were so tempted to just photo shop him into our pics from the trip lol.  And this time around Stanley arrived the day my dh got back from a business trip to Michigan.  Like I said, horrible timing.  Which means poor Stanley is once again stuck with boring old us.

IMG_7486 Winston is not impressed with our guest.

IMG_7488 Stanley did help supervise an experiment we began this morning, soaking some bean seeds in water.

If the weather ever clears up the boys want to take Stanley to the park at the very least.  We were hoping to fit in one last tar free trip to the beach this week, but it’s been storming all weekend and the oil slick is due to arrive any time now.  :(  Wouldn’t want to be a poor hostess and send Stanley back all goopy with oil, now would we?

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  1. Yep, I would have just photoshopped Stanley right into the pictures. Winston does seem annoyed with Stanley doesn't he?


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