Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Women Buy Shoes

Me, I go crazy in the homeschool consignment shop lol!  I am so very blessed to have this wonderful resource available, it’s called Roland Inc. and it’s run by a fellow homeschool mom (click on the link, the store is now online!)  She only opens the physical store in the afternoons because of course she is homeschooling during the day.  I’ve been going there since we first started homeschooling 11 years ago.  The owner is so kind and helpful and her shop has really helped me keep the cost of homeschooling reasonable.  I went there yesterday to pick up an Explode The Code book for ds4 but came away with these goodies as well…

IMG_6942 I have wanted Around The World In 80 Tales to go along with our Galloping the Globe studies all year and finally found it!  The little butterfly book is all color and features one butterfly per page.

IMG_6943 It seems that math is the subject that I just can’t seem to nail down for ds3.  I was excited to find a Calvert math workbook to try.  I also picked up the Great States game and a U.S. Presidents fact sheet for our studies next year.

IMG_6944 On the way out I spied this!  A complete curriculum for 1st grade, with very detailed daily lesson plans, bonus activities and correlating worksheets.  They don’t print this series anymore (a shame if you ask me) so it’s not only hard to find but expensive as well.  Got mine for $8!  Ds3 is obsessed with the Magic Tree House series and very excited to find 3 more to add to his collection (only $1 each!)  And yes, I did actually pick up the Explode The Code book I went in for lol.

I am excited as the next few months area homeschoolers like me wind things down, go through their resources and bring in more consignment materials to the store.  Next time I plan to bring a good detailed list of the topics I want to cover next year…I remembered about the presidents and states, but couldn’t recall what else to look for and started getting overwhelmed.  So anyone else have a neat little place like this to blow their dough?  :)

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