Thursday, May 20, 2010

Been There, But Haven’t Done That

I am going to nearby Mobile this weekend for a homeschool convention!  It’s a one day deal with speakers, workshops and a used book sale.  I am what you might call too excited lol!  Dh and the boys want to tag along, something about visiting the battleship and keeping busy.  The convention is from 9-4 and I’ll be busy during almost all that time so I hope they do find a way to keep themselves entertained (other than going  through the tunnel over and over…does that never wear off?)  I have been working on finalizing our plans for next year’s homeschool and hope to get most all I need at the convention…although this is a “first annual” event and may turn out to be small or not so helpful but we’ll see.  Seems like Saturday can’t get here quick enough!

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  1. Have a a blast and I hope you find some good connections.


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