Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beach Update A.K.A. Hail To The Chief

We haven’t been on the beach since my last post about the first arrival of tar balls.  Oil slicks have arrived in full force on some protected waterways.  Fishing is closed altogether or catch and release only.  Swimming is banned in many areas.  Shrimp boats have turned into oil skimmers and orange vested workers outnumber tourists in many areas.

Ds1 is an avid outdoorsman and hikes, surfs, and fishes in his spare time.  He goes almost daily to any place they still allow catch and release fishing.

IMG_0312 IMG_0336

IMG_0320 Not pretty.  Ds1 and ds2 did go to the beach this week only to find oil covered garbage washing up.  In fact, pieces that are believed to be wreckage from the original explosion have been washing up on local shores.  Someone else came to Pensacola Beach this week…

bildeCA0F69X9 The president.  These next photos are from the local paper, I certainly did not go out to see all this lol.  Half our town and every road that went even close to the beach was shut down the night before and from 8-noon on the day he arrived.  That’s Governor Crist he is walking with.

bildeCA4VM4P6 He met with a bunch of local bigwigs, all conservative Republicans who haven’t set foot on a beach since childhood.  Can you tell I hate how our area is being officially represented by people who aren’t a fair representation of the population? 

bildeCALMJ1E6 I also think it’s ironic that they are having their discussions at the beach burger joint, that had to shut down for the day to accommodate them…losing money much?  Will BP or the President reimburse them for that?

bildeCA54O7KX As much as we are a beach town, laid back, tanned and flip-flop wearing, we are also a military town.  The President made a stop at NAS Pensacola and gave a speech.

bildeCAHNLLSC Looks like the troops enjoyed the day off.  I give him kudos for showing face.  I give him kudos for making the effort and focusing a lot of time on this disaster.  I’m sure he appreciates my kudos.  ;)  This weekend we’ll be enjoying the offerings at Lake Jackson in Alabama at a family reunion.  No threats of oil or presidential closures there.  :)

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  1. God what a mess. We have this on our beaches sometimes - and nobody even bothers!!!


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