Thursday, June 17, 2010

Product Review: Kung Zhu

Fellow moms-of-boys bloggers and blog readers, heads up!  Wipe the sleep from your eyes and pay close attention, as the following review is a must read for you.  Remember Zhu Zhu pets, those adorable little interactive toy hamsters the boys and I reviewed last August, the ones that became THE toy to be had last Christmas?

pTRU1-7365233t130 Well there is a new Zhu in town!  Kung Zhu pets are special forces and ninja warrior versions of their cute and fuzzy counterparts.  They wear battle armor, drive rhino tanks and spider vehicles, train in special centers and show off their skills while they duke it out in a battle arena.  As my 9yo so aptly phrased it, “They are Zhu Zhus for big boys.”  Thanks to Mom Select we were able to test these big boy toys out for ourselves.

IMG_0306 Ds3 and Ds4 putting together the battle arena.  The paths leading up to the arena have special codes on them and when the Kung Zhu pets zoom over the codes they go into battle mode.  While in the arena they make sword slashing and clanking sounds.  There are attachments for the arena and if a Kung Zhu bumps into one it will activate and shoot arrows or engage a hammer.

IMG_0310 The boys have definitely enjoyed these toys.  They have played with the Kung Zhus inside and outside of the arena (and even incorporated some of their original Zhu Zhu pets in the fun.)  The arena itself (like I commented about the original Zhu Zhu habitat) is sturdy but does take up some room, especially if you have all the training center and other attachments.  They aren’t permanently connected though, so you can disassemble it as needed.

IMG_0332 Here is a Kung Zhu wearing his special armor.

IMG_0333 And here he is in his tank (which he does actually drive lol.)  As you can see, ds gave both these things a thumbs up.  :)  The boys and I both think these are a great addition to the Zhu Zhu pets line.  Mom Select provided us with a generous selection of the toys to try out in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Great review! My boys saw a commercial for this other day and were begging for it. I think I'll be getting some and putting them away for Christmas!


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