Friday, June 4, 2010

The Beginning of The End

Well, we’ve been in the news all day, not in a good way (is there really any good news reported anymore?)  Tar balls from the oil spill in the Gulf have reached our beach.  We went there this afternoon and didn’t see any oil, but saw plenty of reporters and news vans.

IMG_0229 A crazy amount of news vans lined up at the entrance to the beach.  They all had satellite dishes, wires running everywhere, the vans idling and noisy.  Not much for atmosphere.


IMG_0247 All along the beach were individual camera crews and reporters.  That clown in the blue shirt had on a glove covered in oil…I’m sorry but it just feels like exploitation more than anything.

IMG_0248 There was even a Spanish speaking crew.  So for now people are fishing and swimming while they can.  There have already been restrictions put on some local fishing and there is talk of beach closures coming soon.

IMG_0235 It was a pretty evening for a walk on the beach.

IMG_0233 The waves were impressive.

IMG_0250 Still waiting to see what will happen…


  1. Oh bugger that's not good news. Feel for you and those poor animals.

  2. Has it gotten worse since you posted? I heard on the news it was washing ashore in different areas.

  3. There's a blog where you can buy art for $10 and it's a charity for the oil leak clean up.


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