Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cats On Tuesday: The Feud


Although our two male kitties are both neutered they still dislike each other…a lot lol.  It may be an age issue as Smokey is older but he does all he can to let Winston know that he is not welcome.  Poor Winston will literally walk as far around Smokey as he can to avoid the ugliness.

Of course there are occasions when they both wind up in the house at the same time.  It takes delicate maneuvering to ensure no hurt feelings and fur flying.  Here was the scene at the front door recently.

IMG_7045 Winnie is definitely a momma’s boy and deposited himself on my feet when he saw that Smokey was nearby.

IMG_7044 Ooo, if looks could kill!  The standoff begins.  There is general growling and hissing but each cat holds his ground.

IMG_7047 “Mom, he just called me a name!”

IMG_7046 “Did not! (momma’s boy!)”

I am hoping they grow out of this but since it’s been over 3 years since Winston joined our group it’s pretty much wishful thinking lol.  For more kitty fun head over to Gattina’s and Happy COT!


  1. Ha! A safe foot only goes so far.

  2. EJ tells us very sternly that we kitties are a family and to live as one with lots of love and harmony. Perhaps if you tell them and stress on family love, perhaps just perhaps Smokey and Winston may consider. Lots of luck and purrs. :)

  3. Aweee poor Winston! :(
    My two males are also having disagreements, there
    is a seven year difference but Spooky still is ruling the family so far.

  4. It seems it is just the nature of cats. Peanut and Marshmellow are the same age. They are the best of friends, but sometimes in the blink of an eye they are fighting and you would think they were enemies.

  5. What a shame! Target and Au get on fine. But Target gets jealous of Au if I pick him up, so Au asks me very sometimes for a cuddle just to tease Target. Cats are complicated people.

  6. Yes, the ol' boys' rivalry~~

  7. Sassie and Peeve are the same way. What's so bad is that one is a boy and the other is a girl.


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