Monday, May 31, 2010

4th Grade Homeschool

I think I’ve about nailed down what ds3 will be using this school year for 4th grade. It’s a real mix of old, new, borrowed, blue…wait, wait, that’s something else entirely! Anyway, here is a peek at the plans.

Math: Mathletics It was a real toss up between this and Teaching Textbooks, and Mathletics won out because of price. I knew I wanted a computer based program this year for ds3 as he and I are both frustrated with the workbooks.

Language: Spectrum Language 4 I was very pleased with Spectrum Language this year and found it to be as thorough as Abeka without being as repetitive.

Writing: Spectrum Writing 4 Hoping it’s as good as the language workbook.

Science: McWizKid and Real Science Odyssey We used McWizKid with ds2 last year and really liked it. After we go through McWizKid we will give Real Science Odyssey a go.

History: Story of the World This is my first time using this one. So far it looks promising. I am liking the lessons laid out for me, the resources I have been able to find online, and the story-telling approach to history.

Geography: Finishing up Galloping the Globe and starting a study of the 50 states

Nature: Outdoor Hour Been using this for years now, the boys and I all love it.

Art: Art Adventures at Home First time with this one, we’ll see.

Spelling: Spelling Wisdom Ds3 is just not one to memorize lists of words and this approach seems doable for him…will also help with his handwriting and listening skills (I hope.)

Edited July 27, 2010. No formal spelling this year. Writing will be Write Shop C.

It would seem I am taking a turn toward the classical approach this year, but I still consider us an eclectic bunch in the end. We began this homeschooling journey 11 years ago using Abeka and a traditional approach all the way (actually that lasted about 2 months before I started tweaking the Abeka stuff to our liking lol.) Now we are about as mixed up as you can get, using whatever we find that works for us (that we like and can afford lol.) I am deep into the lesson planning portion of all this now and will offer up more details as they become available. :)


  1. Julie I am using A Beka this year and just don't like it. I tweaked what I could and actually dropped most of it and went with something else. I was disappointed with A Beka, especially after the amount of money I spent.
    But on the positive side I love using The Story of the World series!

  2. I used Abeka some and don't like the history at all. The phonics and early math were good. I really liked Story of the World.


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