Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stressed Out

I have been tired, achy, sad feeling, and just not my normal self all weekend.  I told dh I think it’s the stress of all the stuff with ds2 this week finally catching up with me.  Like the man he is, he just can’t understand it.  I know I wasn’t all that stressed on the outside during this whole ordeal and I handled it all pretty well.  But watching your son go through all the tests and procedures and pain that he endured is hard and I think my body is going on strike to help me recover.  How do I deal with times like this?  Well, right now the Deadliest Catch marathon on t.v., several cats in my lap and endless cups of tea are helping.  ;)  I think it helps too to journal my feeling like this.  Just getting it out and documenting that it happens is helpful.  So bear with me that my last few posts have been on the personal side and thanks for “listening.”


  1. Rough times. Hope the purring helps. I drink tea. Not the green stuff that's designed to keep monks awake all night long; the soothing black teas like lapsang soochon (spelling is probably wrong, but hey! who can translate Chinese characters?) that have a lovely scent and delicious taste.

  2. Take is easy and put your legs up. Cats' purrs helps a lot.
    Wish I could read and write Chinese but can only understand and speak.


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