Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cats On Tuesday: Split Personalities



These past few weeks I have come to realize that my precious Mimi is not the cat I thought she was.  My little lady, my sweet cuddly ball of love, my “executive assistant” that follows me everywhere.  Turns out, she’s some sort of cat secret agent.  You see, we have always given credit to Winston for littering my front doorstep and lawn with his various wild offerings…everything from lizards to snakes, birds to small rodents.  But Winston went missing for over a week (long story, but he is okay.)  However, the lizards still showed up with the daily paper.  A small bird carcass was found during the boys’ backyard adventures.  Ds2 swore he saw Mimi run across the yard with a snake in her mouth.  I dismissed all these rumors.  My little precious Mimi could not have anything to do with this mayhem!

IMG_0472 And then there is this.  Eyewitnesses and digital proof that my Mimi is indeed a critter getter.  My two oldest boys came home one night from fishing and found Mimi with a baby mole, tossing him in the air and having the time of her life.  Sigh.  No denying it now.  The little girl I cuddle with every evening is running secret deadly missions every night.

IMG_0371 Hide your head in shame, Mimi, hide your head in shame.

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  1. Mimi, the great hunter in secret! Gasp!

  2. You share my sorrow and deception ! I had the same with my cute little angel Rosie, and I had always accused Arthur ! The have two faces !!

  3. LOL amazing!wow Mimi, you are such an adventure kitty!Cool story, I'm in love for this last picture, Mimi is just so cute!
    Happy Tuesday

  4. She is quite the hunter! When Mama Kitty was still here, she used to bring lizards, mice and birds all the time and leave them right outside the door to the patio. Presents we don't always want. I read once when a cat brings you something it has killed, it is showing you how much they love you.
    Thank you for your nice comments today.
    Happy Cats On Tuesday

  5. How 'bout that! It wasn't Winston after all!

  6. Go for it, Mimi! Don't let Winston have all the fun.

  7. Ah, the old killer instinct is too great for even a sweet, adorable little girl


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