Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This past weekend was all about family, in many ways.  We attended my family’s annual reunion on Lake Jackson in Alabama.

IMG_0374 It was hot.  Seriously, swimming in that lake was like taking a lukewarm bath, folks.

IMG_0385 My soon-to-be sister in law and one of my niece’s twins.

IMG_0393 My oldest, playing catch with his dad.  Don’t ask me why he didn’t bring a bathing suit.  Thanks to the many children in the lake he got soaking wet anyway lol.

IMG_0414 This is just my immediate family.  This pic doesn’t even include 2 of my brothers!  Add in my father’s two sisters and 3 brothers and all of their families and we are a big bunch!

Dh is out of town this week, so we spent as much time together this past weekend as we could.  We all went to see Toy Story 3!  Practically had to take out a loan to pay for the tickets but it was worth it lol.  I was pleased to see we weren’t the only ones with the whole clan there…there were many groups with adults, teens and kiddos in the mix.

Ds3 is keeping it in the family, but not in a good way…he had allergy testing today (like his oldest brother and I have) and he is allergic to many of the same things we are.  Grasses in particular (and cats!  I know!  The horror!)  Lucky for this “not the best duster in the world” mom, the boy is not allergic to dust!  Yea!  So now he is on a couple of scrips and hopefully will find relief from the sneezing, itching and etc.  And is hereby permanently excused from mowing the lawn (but he’s kind of upset about this news as his dad just got a riding lawn mower lol.)

Family comes with good and bad but it all is a blessing in the end.  :)

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