Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Summer Fun

We had yet another fun filled weekend, this time with dh’s side of the family.  My niece turned 13 and we celebrated with a pool party at their house.

IMG_0673 This guy is just too cute for his own good.  He was loving their pool, as it is above ground and he finally is tall enough to stand in it.  He even ditched the floaties after a while.

IMG_0690 Ds3 waiting for the food.  It’s rare to get a cute pose out my soon to be 10yo, but this is a good one.  :)

IMG_0689 Two of my nieces in all their girly cuteness.

IMG_0665 The birthday girl is on the right.  She is like a reborn version of her mother at that age!  While her mom is dh’s sister, she and I were friends in school so our bond goes beyond just being related by marriage.

IMG_0694 My nephew took advantage of the mound of soap at the end of the slip-n-slide.  No bath necessary for him that night!

IMG_0696 Ds2 and his cousin are only a year or so apart and they were never apart at this party lol.  Check out ds’s new iphone…well, new to him as my brother upgraded and gave ds his old phone.  Should I worry about just where he is posting that picture?

!cid_3229BF9C-6F89-494D-8D57-DFB3DA2CD869 What the?  What does this have to do with our fun weekend?  Well, I’ll tell ‘ya.  Dh won the Asteroids game on the left on Ebay and drove to Mississippi right after we left the party to pick it up.  He took ds1 and ds2 with him and they had a couple of hours of father/sons bonding time.  This little obsession of his with video games is starting to take over my living room!  However, our home is quickly becoming THE place to be for all the young (and old) gamers in our family (and neighborhood lol.)

The fun continues as my brother is getting married this coming weekend.  So much fun I almost can’t stand it!  So far the summer of 2010 rocks.  :)

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  1. Nice story, the birthday girl is so pretty, plus son sons are cute (^^,)

    Wedding, it must be a lot of fun!

    Take care Julie!


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