Thursday, July 15, 2010

Year Round Schooling Revisited

Sigh.  I had all good intentions of schooling through the summer this year.  I really had a good feeling about it, that it was what we were supposed to do…and we did have 3 good weeks in June.  But then life, as always, got in the way.  Holidays, get-togethers, weddings, dh deciding out of the blue to take a week off before his two week long business trip (“I hope this won’t mess up your schedule” he says.  Rrright.)  So now I am rethinking the whole “summer school” or year round issue and planning on starting back in August.  Not the first week as that is the one dh will be off.  Probably not the second week as that will be the week before he leaves for his trip and the week before ds2 goes back to high school.  Sigh.  So a probable start the third week of August, when I will be busy getting ds2 settled into Sophomore year and dh will be in California.  Yeah, that sounds about right.  Well, at least I can say we gave the year round thing a try and that, this time at least, it just didn’t work for us.  I also got a feel for how the resources I picked for the boys would work out (some did, some did not.)   Now I guess I have all the time in the world to nail down lesson plans for “next year.”  :)


  1. Julie, I am also doing school during the summer, but we haven't been steady at it. A little here, a little there. But I am confident that my children are learning through other experiences that teach them when we are not actually sitting down in a "school" environment.

  2. Year round schooling didn't work for us this year either. But, I am not writing it off for some future try again.

  3. I'm thinking of taking a week off during Ramadhan (Muslim fasting month) Need a break too!

  4. Your post made me feel so much better about my abandoned effort to school this summer. It just seems like every week I say, "Next week we will start again." I have finally resigned myself that we will wait until August to really start again. Thanks again for the encouragement.
    ~Jessica from TOS crew


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