Saturday, July 17, 2010



What more can I say?  Ds2 turned 15 this week.  It has been a complete joy watching this guy grow.  He is our funny man, our thinker, artist and gamer extraordinaire.  He is a sensitive, compassionate person whom everyone enjoys being around.  And this week he turned 15.

IMG_0702 It was just a family affair.  Even then poor dh got called in to work right as we were lighting the candles on the cake!

IMG_0706 Here is the sorry display of said candles.  I didn’t have enough regular candles so we improvised.  We used a 4, a 5 and six stick candles…15, get it?

IMG_0711 He got a game…

IMG_0712 for his PS3!  This is an expensive system ($350!) but ds saved his allowance all year to help pay for it.  We were very proud of him, as he is known for money burning a hole in his pocket lol.  Unfortunately, since the system not only plays games but blu-ray movies as well, I may never see him again all summer.  ;)


Mimi is making sure he got all the gifts out of the bag.  It was a nice, quiet celebration of a nice, quiet young man.  And that’s all I will say.

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