Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Fun

You know, I really do love where we live.  A place where your day starts like this,

IMG_0770 enjoying some punch and crackers at your uncle’s wedding, and ends like this

IMG_0785 scooping up hermit crabs at the beach!  Yes, we had a lovely day attending my brother’s wedding and then treating ourselves to a dip in the water.  Hey, I had to bribe the kiddos with something in order to get them to behave in church lol.  Actually, they did great.  Ds1 even helped out by filming the happy event and then he and ds2 helped me in the kitchen at the reception when I was preparing the punch.  My two older boys are really growing into responsible, family oriented young men and nothing could make me happier.  :)

IMG_0753 Oh my word, there were two little girls at the wedding in sweet little girl dresses, doing sweet little girl things so I had a couple of hours of little girl bliss.  :)  This is my nephew’s daughter who happened to be the cute little flower girl.

IMG_0743 My niece’s husband wrangling kids at the reception…there’s the other little girl!  Too cute in pink. 

IMG_0774 Ds4 making a goofy face and ds1 capturing it on his phone.

 IMG_0778As good as ds1 is at assisting with punch making and entertaining his little brother, he is more in his element here…at the beach with a rod and reel. 

 IMG_0777You can see the orange boom in the background, there to help keep any oil from washing ashore.  Thankfully we had no problems with oil on this trip.

IMG_0792 The boys found a huge hermit crab and examined it with delight. 

IMG_0790 And then built an arena for it on the beach (of course lol.)  Another wonderful summer weekend filled with family and fun.  :)


  1. They are growing into responsible young men. It is amazing to me how much our children have changed over the years we have been blogging.
    Well, not so much my son. He still manages to have accidents all the time. Yesterday he sliced his foot open with a sword, knocking me out of any mother of the year awards AGAIN! :)


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