Monday, August 2, 2010

4th Grade Homeschool Revisited


I do so love a blog hop, especially one where I get to peek into other homeschooler’s lives and see what they have going on.  Heart of the Matter is hosting the Not Back-to-School hop this year for the next 4 weeks.  This week we share about curriculum choices.  I posted in June about the decisions I made for ds3’s 4th grade, but that was based on our failed attempt at year-round schooling and I have since revised our plans.

Math    Mathletics  We tried this out for a while last year and ds did well with it.  We needed some time away from workbooks and ds enjoys  computer work.

Language    Spectrum Grade 4  I am a big fan of Abeka for language arts but this Spectrum series does a fine job as well.  Used it last year with ds with great success.  It’s thorough but not too repetitive.

Reading    I always have my boys read classic books and do some comprehension questions and various activities with them.  For the first nine weeks we will cover Stone Fox, Charlotte’s Web, James and the Giant Peach, Boxcar Children, Chalk Box Kid, Mouse and the Motorcycle, and Muggie Maggie.

Science    McWiz Kid  I’ve covered life and earth sciences with ds so far and this series is a fun way to approach the physical science subjects.  Lots of hands on experiments that are fun and informative.

History    Story of the World  We did the first few chapters of this during our summer studies and so far I like it a lot!

Geography    a study of the 50 states  I’ve put together a post detailing this and will put it up soon.

Nature    Outdoor Hour

Art     Lessons pulled from here and here

Writing    Write Shop C  This looks so promising for ds, a very reluctant writer.

I am getting pretty excited about this year with ds3.  When we started homeschooling with ds1 oh so many years ago it was his 4th grade year, so this will be my third time to teach 4th grade!  I am back to the drawing board with ds4, however, so I won’t be posting my plans with him just yet.  I look forward to hopping around and seeing what everyone is doing this year.  :)


  1. Thanks for coming by my site!

    We read Muggie Maggie last year and it catapulted my (then 3rd grader) into a full-blown desire to learn cursive on his own! Cutesy!

  2. Love love love Mathletics! My 9yo started using it last year and decided math on the computer isn't really 'work', so it was okay to do it. LOL. Kids are funny!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog from the Blog Hop!

  3. I did not know you were on the crew this year, OMGoodness, how awesome! wow, Where have I been? I'm so glad to serve with you!

    You know as far as MFW, I am so blessed, I have a friend that owns every year through 9th grade and she is on a different history cycle then me and she blesses me every year with the cycle I'm own and then at the end of the year I give it back. I can't tell you how it has blessed our family. Of course I still have to buy my math, and extras but this helps so much. I could never afford it on my own, especially now that my husband is out of work.

    Your year looks great, not only do we have our stuff but we will also get to try out the crews review stuff so it should be a great year!


  4. Thanks for the visit! The year-round is loosely working well here. We have had a few weeks where we have taken more days off then scheduled, and will have to pick them up in another month. That is why we switched to year-round in the first place,we're fickle like that! I have never tried any of your curriculum choices, but I hope they work well!

  5. I've got four boys too!! Thanks for sharing your curriculum, I enjoy reading about other homeschool Moms & Kids. Happy Homeschooling. ;)

  6. Thanks for stopping by earlier...can't wait to see your 50 states stuff. We are doing the same thing this year.

  7. It looks like you've got a great plan. I've come to realize the differences in all my kids and I feel like I'm changing curriculum and stuff each year for each child. LOL!
    They keep me on my toes.
    Have a great day.

  8. So nice to finally have the time to leave a comment, sweet friend! Looks like you're ready for another great year. Can't wait to read more.

  9. On the blog hop~ having so much fun! I am now following your blog and look forward to reading more posts!


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