Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cats On Tuesday: Cat Names


I thought it would be cute to give details about how the kitties got their names and what we actually wind up calling them.

IMG_0724 Katy

You know how when you are a little girl and you think up names you will give your children?  I always dreamed of having a little girl and naming her Katie.  Well, 4 boys later and I settled on giving the name to the cat lol.  I spell it a little differently for my kitty.  Katy definitely knows and responds to her name.  Being the senior kitty (and only other girl in the house for many years) she also goes by “Girly Girl” and “Old Lady Cat.”  On a side note, Katy has a cold and has lost her voice.  This is significant for her, as she is a big loudmouth!  It’s been pretty funny watching her walking around, opening her mouth and having nothing come out.  ;)

IMG_0728 Smokey

Smokey is ds1’s cat.  We got him shortly after moving into our new house.  Not sure why ds picked this name, probably his colorings.  Sometimes we call him “Smokey Hokey Pokey” but being the tough mancat that he is he barely responds to his given name (or any of the ways we beckon him.)

IMG_2963 Winston

Winston.  Ah, Winston.  He is ds3’s cat and we have no clue at all why he picked that name.  It just appealed to him at the time I guess.  Winston does respond to his name…and is so friendly he responds to anyone who seems like they like him (or are just in the vicinity lol.)  We call him Winnie most of the time.

IMG_0723 Mimi

Mimi!  My sweet little girl.  She literally is a little girl…the smallest of the bunch and just a little sweetheart.  I didn’t officially name her until she had been with us over two weeks.  We threw a bunch of names back and forth (I think Mini Me had the most votes) but I settled on Mimi.  I think it captures her sweetness, her small stature and her girly goodness.  It’s pretty much all we call her and she does respond to it when she feels like it.  :)

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  1. Our cats have so many nicknames. Growing up on a farm there was always a Momma kitty.

  2. Oh, I always had cats even in the museum where I once worked! And they all have names and attitude! ;-) MOL (MeowOutLoud!)

  3. I named my cats after my old aunts, uncles and grandpa, lol ! Rosie was the sister of my Grandma, Arthur her BIL and Lisa who died was the name of an aunt. Kim and Pookie were my son's cat and he named them but I don't know how, lol !
    Isn't that funny how we select cat names ?

  4. I like all the names. Winston is so beautiful, well all of them are but Winston caught my eye.

  5. They are all lovely looking. Do they get along with each other? Au and Target have a dozen nicknames but I'm not sure what they call us.

  6. LOL! Nice names and cute nicknames. :)
    Are Winston's eyes slightly crossed?


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