Friday, September 24, 2010

TOS Product Review: Schleich Figures



As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Crew, I was sent a fun but educational resource for our homeschool, Schleich figures.  The Schleich company has been making high quality figures since 1950.  Schleich offers an amazing range of products from the worlds of nature, history and fantasy, with everything from farm and wildlife animals to knights and dragons and even comic characters like the Smurfs.  Not only are the figures sturdy and attractive, but are true reflections of the subjects they represent.  The attention to detail, from coloration to posing, make the figures quite lifelike, educational and appropriate for all ages.

At the Schleich website you can peruse the entire catalog, see new additions for 2010, find a retailer, and even make a wish list of your favorite figures.

th_okapi th_elephant th_gnu

I received a sampling of the wildlife animal collection for the boys to try out.  The fact that the figures have survived intact is a testament to their quality lol.  My boys are rough on toys!  It’s nice to see them exposed to more than just the well known zoo animals and to be able to recognize a gnu or okapi when they see them during our studies, in a book, etc.  We happened upon some Schleich displays while out and about as well, at Toys R Us and Target.  They retail for about $6 for the small figures.  My boys promptly made up wish lists on the Schleich website for upcoming birthdays and holidays (and I got several ideas for gifts for their cousins.)

I received several wildlife animal figures to facilitate this review.  Click on the button below to see reviews from other members of The Old Schoolhouse Crew.




  1. My boys are rough, too.. but these held up beautifully. I was very impressed! I'm glad your guys liked them.

  2. My girls aren't that rough on their toys, but we have had some Schleich figures for a long time & they have held up very well.


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