Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week Five: We Are Still Alive

Well we had another strange start to the week, with dropping dh off at the airport at 5am.  This meant we were done with school for the day before 9 lol.  A good thing as it turns out, since ds3 had a consultation with the orthodontist the same morning.  Good news is that he won’t need any braces for a while.  Bad news is he will need some baby teeth pulled to help with crowding.  Sigh.

IMG_1807 Ds3 working on his Write Shop lesson.  He is doing great with this resource, really enjoying it more than I thought.  At this point I am still supposed to be doing the physical writing for him, but he took the lead and wanted to write his story himself.  :)

IMG_1895 IMG_1897

In history they learned about Hammurabi and his code of laws.  Here they are making their own versions.

IMG_1899 IMG_1900

I loved this!  On the left is ds3’s.  As you can see he writes in all capitals.  We’ve been working on it, but he can’t seem to move beyond it just yet.  His rules say, “Do not do bad things, do not say bad things, do not play with dad’s stuff, do not skip school, and do not slap your mom or dad.”  The last one is a nod to Hammurabi lol.  Ds4 wrote out his numbers but I wrote down his dictated rules.  “Do not break anything, snuggle your Mimi (my cat,) do what your mom says, do not break mom’s stuff, don’t smash your windows (?) and don’t steal mom’s food.”  You can’t see the last rule, but it’s “do not waste all the tape.”  That one is very important lol.

We finished The Chalk Box Kid.  Both boys did well with listening and answering the comprehension questions.  Ds3 even read a bit out loud to us.   He said he thought the story was a little odd.  I think he thought the ending was a bit abrupt and different than what he is used to in a story.

Ds3 tackled division in Mathletics.  I’m just giving him a kind of preview of it.  I really want him to have his multiplication facts down pat before we really get into division, but at least he has a taste of it now.  Ds4 is doing very well with his Abeka math workbook.  He was quite excited and proud this week when he did some of the addition facts without using counting blocks.

With our busy week we didn’t get to any geography or science.  We did have a great time working on our owl study for nature as you will see in the upcoming nature study post!

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