Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TOS Product Review: Vocabulary Cartoons


Vocabulary Cartoons is part of a series from New Monics books to help kids increase their vocabulary or “word power.”  Their motto is “Kids learn a word a minute and never forget it.”  Besides the elementary level Vocabulary Cartoons book, they also offer versions for SAT readiness.  Each book sells for $12.95.


How can you not learn the meaning of a word when it’s taught with cartoons as funny as these?  Not only do the kids get a cartoon to visually associate with the vocabulary word, but also a common word it sounds like and a funny sentence using both to tie it all together.  This method covers both visual and auditory learners, but in a way that doesn’t feel like “learning” at all.  :)

My boys have been using this book for about a month now.  This has been the most helpful resource I have added to our curriculum for the year.  It has been a simple but fun way to increase the boys’ vocabulary.  They love the cartoons and I love how well the program works.  The boys really have remembered the words and their meanings and actually look forward to these lessons every week.

I was given a copy of Vocabulary Cartoons to facilitate my honest review.  To see what other crew members think of this resource, click on the banner below.


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