Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 4: The Calm Before The Storm

We had a steady, productive week.  Things are going smoothly, although there are still a few kinks to work out.  More on that later.

IMG_1791 Two science experiments with water this week, this one illustrating the effects of air pressure…

IMG_0245 this one surface tension.  No, I don’t keep it too hot in my house, my boys just run around half clothed for other reasons.  Reasons I still don’t fully understand.  Reasons I will never fully understand.

IMG_0243 Ds3 did well in math this week, beginning the adventure known as multiplication.

IMG_0241 Ds4 enjoying his Abeka math workbook and counting cubes.


IMG_0248 We are still reading The Chalk Box kid.  In one chapter, Gregory cleans up an abandoned building in his neighborhood.  The boys helped clean up around the entrance to our subdivision.  Ds2 is only along for the ride.  Literally!  He is learning how to drive and agreed to come only if he could do the driving lol.

IMG_0343 They also had some art time with chalk.  We painted a piece of construction paper with liquid starch then drew pictures with chalk on the wet paper.  When it dries it won’t rub off.

IMG_0365 I don’t know why but both boys are into stick figures lately.

IMG_0344 In SOTW we learned about Joseph and  the boys made their own coat of many colors out of one of dh’s old shirts.

IMG_0362 IMG_0363

IMG_0250 This is a blurry pic I know, but I had to mention that ds4 is taking a gymnastic class!  He is thrilled.  He had been doing rolls and handstands all over the house so I figured he was in need of some instruction on how to do them safely and a safe place to practice.  He gets to bounce, roll, swing and run off lots of little boy energy for an hour a week now.  When he was at the dentist this week and they asked him about school he said the gymnastic class was his school now lol. 

Next week will be a challenge.  Dh is going to California again for another two week school.  Sigh.  The rest of Ds4’s curriculum arrived in the mail so he will be facing more workload.  Ds3 has an orthodontist consultation.  At least this should be the last time dh has to travel for the rest of the year. 

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  1. Boys are naturally little savages: hence the bare chests and warpaint! :P


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