Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Halloween Question

I think it’s ridiculous that there even has to be a question surrounding Halloween.  But our county made it so this year.  When we returned from out of town my dad asked us when we were trick or treating.  What do you mean?  We’re doing it on Sunday of course.  Uh, no, turns out our county decided Saturday was better for them so that’s when Halloween will be celebrated.  I don’t care what lame reasons they give.  The county has no business changing any holidays to suit anyone.  The end.  Now my boys are asking how many days until Halloween.  “Well, son, there are 4 days until Halloween, but your local government decided you must celebrate it on the day before instead.”  “Why, Mom?”  Anyone care to answer?  I’m having a hard time with it.  To my county commissioners I say “Boo.”  And I’m voting you out next chance I get.


  1. My town did the same thing this year! And to make it even worse, they set the time of trick or treating from 4 to 6pm! It won't even be dark.

    At the top of my hill (a mere 4 blocks away) another little town starts, and they are trick or treating on Sunday night. Next thing you know Christmas will be changed because it is easier on people for it to be on the weekend because they can have a day to recover before returning to work.

  2. Weird. They do the same in Malaysia (not Halloween because that's a non-event here but other holidays). I don't get it.

  3. I live in West Texas so small towns around here will Trick or Treat on Thursday if Halloween falls on a Friday because everyone will be at the football game on Friday. But just changing it just because? That's crazy!


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