Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween/Birthday Party Pics

The party (celebrating ds3 and ds4’s October bdays) was a great success and quite fun.  Both boys enjoyed playing with their guests and raking in the birthday loot.  ;)

IMG_2222 We decorated both indoors and out.  Here is my fireplace…

IMG_2219 IMG_2221

the front entrance and the living room.  Everyone thought those old pics were real, but they were those “moving” ones where they look normal from one angle and goofy from another.

IMG_2223 Check out this giant black cat!  It’s head moved back and forth and at night it’s eyes glowed.

IMG_2226 We had a ghost piñata and a spooky skeleton guy hanging in the yard.

IMG_2248 I made up a few games, one was toss the eyeball into the pumpkin (just drew some eyeballs on ping pong balls and used dollar store plastic pumpkin pails) and the other was ring the witches hat (glued some dollar store witches hats to a large piece of cardboard and had the kids try and throw large glow stick necklaces around them.)

IMG_2260 You can see the witches hat game in this pic but they aren’t playing it lol they are chasing each other around it.

IMG_2278 Everyone had a turn or two at the piñata.

 IMG_2282 This kid means business!

IMG_2295 Here is a tip I always do with piñatas…put the candy in Ziploc baggies.  I found some Halloween themed ones at the dollar store and divvied up the candy among them.  This way no one child gets more or less than another and the candy itself is protected from dirt off the ground.  Also the child can carry any leftovers home!

  I took one mom or dad “volunteer” from each family at the party and had the kiddos use some cheap toilet paper to wrap their parent up as a mummy.  This was great fun and neat to see the different styles each group had.  My nieces (on the right) were very thorough and covered my sil very well.  My nephews were a little too meticulous and didn’t get my bil covered in time.


IMG_2315 IMG_2312

Well done, girls!  But you boys need to work on your mummifying skills.  ;)

IMG_2318 My older niece was a good sport and let my ds3 have a go with her as the mummy.  I love how she kept her lollipop in her mouth the whole time lol.

IMG_2320 We had so many sweets at the party that I didn’t do a birthday cake.  Each bday boy just grabbed a cupcake and we stuck a candle in it lol.

IMG_2322 IMG_2341

IMG_2324 IMG_2332

I think they liked their presents.  :)

IMG_2348 That’s me and my cute little twin, uh, grand nephews?  They are my niece’s sons, not sure what relation that makes them exactly.  All in all it was a super party and well worth all the work that went into putting it together.  :)  Thank goodness it’s only once a year.

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  1. Just came across your blog and liked the blow up cat for the yard. And the mummy wrap is cool too.


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