Friday, October 15, 2010

Live Blogging: Halloween Party Prep

It’s 10:59 a.m.  We have recovered nicely from the no bake cookie disaster.  It actually got worse before it got better.  I had the boys taste the cookies and they were horrible!  Dh scolded me for not sticking with my own recipe lol. 

IMG_0451 The imposter no bake cookies went into the trash!  I decided then and there to do more with my own recipe and they turned out perfect!

IMG_0454 Yea!

IMG_0453 Dh and ds2 finally came back with the tables and chairs.

IMG_0455 I have shaped a few Witches Fingers out of our green dough to see how they are going to bake up.  After this first batch comes out we will take a lunch break.  Dh and ds2 are on a run to the dump and will pick up some fast food on the way back.

IMG_0457  I haven’t gotten everything on my morning to do list done, but I’m off only by one batch of cookies (and I don’t have to bake them, just decorate.)  So I think things are going well so far.

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