Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 8: The One I Almost Skipped

I honestly thought we were on week 9 of our schooling.  I know we took two weeks off there, but for some reason I had the number 9 in my head.  Even in my planner it says week 9, but looking back on the weekly wrap up posts, we are only on 8. 

After the two weeks off it wasn’t really all that hard to get back into the groove.  Ds3 began fractions in math.  He really gets the concept of what a fraction is but can’t move past the basics into comparing fractions.  That’s okay, I’m happy just to introduce them and come back to them later.  I am always amazed at how just giving ds3 a little time helps him so much.  I am ever so grateful that we can homeschool him and give him the time he needs.  He is doing well with his handwriting and language/grammar workbooks and enjoying our current book, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.  Both boys had fun with SOTW this week, learning about ancient China and coming up with their own pictograms.

IMG_2469 IMG_2471

I added in some of the new resources I got for ds4 this week, including All About Spelling and First Language Lessons.  I like them both so far, especially how thorough but gentle FLL is and how the spelling program helps reinforce phonics.  After looking through Wordly Wise and Writing with Ease I have decided to hold off on both for now.  I would probably use Wordly Wise, but I did not realize the teacher manual was required to use the student workbook and I can’t shell out $80 right now (really, don’t you think that’s a bit much?)  With Writing with Ease I just don’t feel ds4 is ready yet, he needs to master some more basics before we begin.  He is plugging along with his Abeka math workbook, HWT and Get Set For The Code.  Of course he also listens in on ds3’s reading and SOTW and does really well at answering any comprehension questions I throw out…his little competitive nature actually coming in handy for once lol.

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