Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cats On Tuesday: Tight Squeeze


IMG_0169 That’s Mimi.  Squeezed into the space between my back end and the back of the desk chair.  Seriously, Mimi?  Do we really need to be that close to each other at all times?  Is the chair really that comfortable?  Is it just yet another weird cat thing?

IMG_0170 Here she seems to be rethinking her choices.

3432fae2-4b9e-411b-a1c6-b17f3ae709ab Get it?  Harry Potter?  Only 17 days to go to the new movie!  And yes, I learned my lesson from last time when I waited until one week before opening (gasp, I know!) to buy my tickets and wound up out of luck.  I am a happy camper with internet-purchased tickets in hand, now hoping I don’t actually forget when opening day is.  ;)  Please visit Gattina and her kitty crew and Happy COT!


  1. My dog does that too! Fortunately he's not much bigger than your cat.

  2. It's not only a cat thing, my chihuahuas love to sit like that too. They make a good back rest.:)

  3. You know you're too close for comfort when you have to worry about getting soap in your cat's eyes when you're washing your face. She likes to lick the soap as I'm lathering it on. Geez.

  4. Hehehe good one Mimi!I think you have found a cozy place to stay and maybe it's good for a nap as well!
    You are adorable!

  5. Hehehe ! she just pushes you from the chair ! Pay attention don't fall down !

  6. That's a tight squeeze, Mimi! But it seem like the tighter the squeeze, the better they like it!

  7. if it were Au then he'd PUSH until he got the chair to himself!

  8. Mimi and my Isadora would get along just great, they even look alike
    Iza loves to try to get under and behind me
    Mimi is a wonderful name :)

  9. Think Mimi just wants to be close to you. :)


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