Friday, November 19, 2010

Homeschool Week 10 and Week 11

Both boys have been in a good groove and doing well with school the past two weeks.  We finished up 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and watched the Disney movie version for good measure.  The boys did a good job comparing book to film and we discussed not only what was different but why.  This book has really made an impression on them as they have both been talking about it and referencing it outside of school.  Ds3 is helping me review several math resources so we have taken a break from Mathletics and I have decided to focus on having him memorize the multiplication tables.  It’s been hard for him and I haven’t hit on a method that really hits home with him yet.

IMG_0633 Tandem math lessons.

I’ve veered off course with ds3’s language lessons as well, taking a break from his Spectrum workbook and focusing on dictionary use.  We’ve never covered this before but he has picked it up quickly.  Ds4 and I are both loving First Language Lessons.  It is so gentle and truly fun for him.  He did great memorizing the first poem…pretty much did so on his own!  I typed up the poem and added some clip art to make it easier for him to read along with me.

IMG_0653 We have read the next two chapters of SOTW but not done any extra projects for them.  I have gotten the new science curriculum but am a little embarrassed to admit that I can’t seem to wrap my mind around how the lessons are supposed to go.  There’s this flow chart and the subjects are broken up into things like A5, A5A, D3A and various threads that I am supposed to teach in “tandem.”  It’s supposed to be a simple resource and I feel like an idiot that I can’t figure it out.  :(  Ds3 is still working on his 50 states notebook…I’ve been looking for a good set of flashcards to help him review them as we go.  Ds4 has been doing super with his Explode the Code book and both boys have shown much improvement with their HWT work.  When we first started with these books I jokingly told ds4 that he couldn’t cry over handwriting lessons as the book says “Handwriting Without Tears.”  He has since taken me and the lessons very seriously lol.

The thankful tree is coming along nicely!  The boys have added several more acorns and leaves detailing what they are thankful for.  We did a cute Thanksgiving craft this week as well, a turkey made out of their handprints.

IMG_0640 They thought getting their hands painted was awesome of course.  :)

IMG_0650 Too cute.  Can you tell I have a leftie and a righty?  I don’t have plans to take next week off, but as I’m looking at my datebook I can see it’s going to be a busy one.  Dh and I both have dr visits and of course there is the Thanksgiving holiday.  For now I am planning on forging through but we shall see how it goes.  :)

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  1. I learned mine in Dutch and still can't say them in English without translating!


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