Friday, November 19, 2010

And We Are Waiting Again

Ds2 and I made the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows Part 1 last night.   They put out so many trailers and previews of that movie that I felt like I’d seen most of it already lol.  It was great.  Lots of action, lots of Harry, Ron and Hermione, lots of twists and turns.  It followed the book quite well on most parts, changed only a few and unfortunately added in a couple of really unnecessary scenes.  There was a lot that didn’t make it in the movie and to add in scenes that don’t really even fit is just a waste imo!  I wish they had spent more film on the wedding and the Burrows, those were wonderful parts of the book.  They changed the Ministry scenes a lot but in a way that worked out well on screen.  I loved seeing Ron and Hermione’s relationship develop.  The humor was spot on in this one as well.  The movie was originally supposed to be released in 3D, but they didn’t finish in time.  You can totally tell that some of the scenes were filmed for 3D purposes only (and I hate that…we are dealing with a worthy film on it’s own, why pander to the box office?)  I am definitely going to see it again, if only to be part of an audience that doesn’t hoot and holler at inappropriate times…wait, are their appropriate times to hoot and holler at a movie?  Yes, there were a lot of unruly teenagers and young adults at our showing which makes for a fun atmosphere but not for good movie viewing.  ;)

And now we wait, once again.  At least this time Part 2 is only 6 months away.

Edited to add:  If anyone is wondering about the rating and whether the movie is appropriate for kiddos…there are a few scary scenes (things jumping out at you, scary looking people) there is some blood, there is death, and there is a scene with above the waist nudity and kissing (and it ain’t brief like the rating says lol!)  Don’t take the little ones.

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  1. I also dislike it when they add scenes to only get the better rating. If it is not in the book, DON'T ADD IT!

    Due to this, we always have to watch a movie before the kids see it. Sometimes it is okay when the movie is a good one, but watching a boring flick twice can be like torture.


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