Monday, November 15, 2010

TOS Product Review: Corps of Re-Discovery


The Corps of Re-Discovery is a unique site run by a homeschooling family who has travelled through 47 of the 50 states and now share their love of American history by offering project kits based on American Indians, Frontiersmen and Pioneer Americans.  We received the Fringe Pouch Kit which ds4 immediately claimed for himself.

IMG_0624 Ds4 is 6yo and very into carrying his treasures around with him.  This is right up his alley!

IMG_0625 The kit came with everything we needed to make the pouch, including a needle.  The instructions were very detailed and even had pictures to help.

IMG_0626 Here ds is busy sewing the pouch.  Having the holes precut and such sturdy thread really made the job easy for little hands.

IMG_0627 “This is long, Mom.”

IMG_0628 Here he is with the finished project.  He said he is going to wear it all the time and then sleep and get up and wear it again.  Think he liked it?  :)  The sewing component of the pouch was easy for him to do himself.  When it came to the drawstring he needed help…and so did I lol.  My 15yo son eventually came to the rescue and figured it out for us.

I am impressed with the kit and would definitely order more projects like this for American history studies or even as a unique gift idea.  The Fringe Pouch Kit we received costs $11.99 and the other kits are also very reasonably priced.  The site has many kits that would interest both boys and girls including a patchwork quilt and tomahawk set.

I received a Fringe Pouch Kit from Corps of Re-Discovery to facilitate this review.  To see other TOS Crewmember reviews, click on the banner below.



  1. Wasn't this fun? We got the coin pouch and Kaytie had a blast putting it together! She and Abbie are both in love with the finished product. :)

  2. That pouch is a big hit! Glad your boy enjoyed making it. Bet he'd love the tomahawk too! Nice review!


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