Monday, November 29, 2010

Homeschool Week 12

Week 12 was shortened due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but we did manage to squeeze some school in there.  We started a new book for reading, The Jungle Book.  Ds3 added New York and New Hampshire to his states study notebook (and regaled us all during a car ride into town with the story of the Old Man of the Mountain.)  We learned about Moses in SOTW and both boys worked diligently in their respective workbooks.  Ds4 took on a new challenge this week as part of his First Language Lessons…learning how to write his full name.

IMG_0654 That may not seem like a big deal, but with our family name it is lol.  11 letters long!  His middle name has 8 letters to boot.  Thank goodness his first name is relatively easy, with 3 of the same letters (Reese.)  My kids all learned how to spell their last name before they even learned to write it by listening to me spell it out over and over at doctor offices, over the phone, etc.  We always have to spell out our last name, and even then no one gets it right.  At least it’s easy for me to spot the solicitors on the phone.  (“Uh, can I speak to Mrs. Brickenstuff, Mrs. Barkenstoop, uh”…by then I’ve hung up.)  ;)

IMG_0683 Here is the finished thankful tree and their handprint turkey plates adorning my front entrance.  I am thankful for the little lull between holidays right now.  Last year we did a Christmas study of how the holiday is celebrated around the world and tied it in with our geography.  I haven’t come up with a Christmas study for this year, but I was thinking of something to do with songs and carols.  My boys don’t really know many of the classics.  We haven’t even put up any decorations yet…dh is getting a large shed built (seriously, it’s two stories!) and he wants to wait and pull out all the stuff stored in the garage after the shed is ready.  So wait we will.  :) 

I signed up for the Yahoo group set up by the author of that science resource I have been whining about lately and he actually personally emailed me to help me figure out how to begin our lessons.  Too cool.  So we finally start our new science next week and I think we are all going to like it.  Bring on week 13.  :)


  1. I loved the Jungle Book! how nice to reread it again.

  2. It sounds like your having a good time home schooling. I remember when I homeschooled my Granddaughter. A lot of work but a lot of fun too.


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