Saturday, November 6, 2010

Homeschool Week 9: The One With Lots Of Yarn

Another week of homeschooling behind us.  Both boys are plugging away at math, ds3 getting into some geometry and ds4 getting the hang of counting by 10’s.  SOTW focused on Ancient Africa this week, but we didn’t do any of the special projects this time.  Both boys are really getting into 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and never fail to remind me to read a chapter each day.  First Language Lessons is going very well with ds4 and he even surprised me this week by reciting the caterpillar poem by himself!  I have ordered a new science resource from Amazon for both boys.  They enjoyed McWizKid but I feel it’s not covering enough.  We didn’t do any nature study but did finally get around to Let’s Meet Famous Artists, learning about sculptor Alexander Calder and making our own mobiles.

IMG_0458 Each boy picked a subject for their mobile, researched the web for images to print up and then used everyday objects to make their mobile.  Here is ds4 with his cat mobile, made with cat pics, twigs and yarn.

IMG_0459 Ds3 made one of ladybugs, twigs and yarn.

We continued to add on to the thankful tree, using leaf templates to accompany our acorn offerings.  We hang them with the same yarn the boys used for their mobiles.

IMG_2485Mimi is thankful for all the yarn.  ;)

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