Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Tree

This year I actually got it together in time to make a thankful tree with the boys.  I was completely inspired by Dawn’s version at By Sun And Candlelight.  Ds4 and I went outside and found a suitable branch, secured it in a vase with some kitty litter and  began scouring the web for an acorn template on which they could record their thanks.

IMG_2480 The lighting in our house is all funky…we’ve been having very cloudy days and I couldn’t get a good pic of that acorn to save my life lol!

IMG_2481 Here the boys are writing up their first acorns…ds3 was thankful for video games and ds4 was thankful for Mom.  Insert heart here.  :)

IMG_2483 It’s kinda scraggly now, but by Thanksgiving it will be full of memories and love.  If the cats don’t get to it first.

IMG_2468 I’m talking to you, Mimi!


  1. What a great activity! (Mimi sure looks like she's enjoying it too - LOL)

  2. What an awesome idea. We did a Fall door, with all kinds of fall items on it. I will try to remember this for next year, or we can add to our door I suppose.


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