Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Santa came nice and early to our abode and we had a wonderful Christmas morning.

IMG_0938 Our tree this year.  It had a blue theme.

IMG_0937 It is tradition in our home that the year a boy turns ten, he gets an “official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!” (name that movie) for Christmas.  This year was ds3’s turn.

IMG_0944 I love this shot.  Ds4 is super excited over these legos.  Check out the tv screen (name that movie) lol.

IMG_0953 IMG_0945 Ah, teenagers.  Oh, sorry, the oldest there is almost two years removed from being a teen.  Still, I miss seeing them in their pj’s getting all excited about legos and toy rifles.

IMG_0961 Ds2 did get excited about this gift, mainly as it was completely unexpected.  He and my brother saw Jim Gaffigan earlier this year and ds actually got his autograph (He signed it “Alex pocket.”  Those who know Gaffigan will understand lol.)  Anywho, the signed poster and ticket stub were just shoved into ds’s desk drawer so I snuck them out and had them custom framed.

IMG_0949 Smokey did not understand what all the hubbub was about and just wanted some lap time with me.

IMG_0959 Mimi was scoping out which box or bag to hide in.

IMG_0956 Ds1 got dh and ds2 tickets to the Senior Bowl.

IMG_0950 It was funny watching these two go at it.  They had a hard time deciding what to focus on…the gift they were opening or the one their brother was opening lol.  We had a very blessed Christmas morning at home this year.  Shortly after all this we headed over to my parent’s home to meet up with extended family.  Stay tuned for part two.  (Hint; there will be cute twins and a sweet little girl, you won’t want to miss it.)  ;)

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  1. Sounds and looks like a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year too!


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