Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Shed: Day Two

The builders are here!  They are making quick work of getting this shed up.  I am on my own today as dh had to go to work and I feel a little out of my element to say the least lol.  My true blond is showing, I know.  Right off the bat the guys knocked on my back door and asked where we wanted the windows in the shed.  “Uh, on the walls?” was the first thought in my head.  I did know dh didn’t want a window on the second floor in the back where our neighbor could sneak a peek so I relayed that info.  Then I asked how many more windows there were (five) and said, “Well, just put them where the plans say to.”  I am so smart like that.  The builder says, “How ‘bout we put two on them long walls and two by the doors…that would be real purty.”  Sure, sure, let’s go with that.  Who knew two builders from Georgia had design expertise as well?

Next up the other guy comes a knockin’ and says he tripped a breaker.  What’s with all this Georgian code talk?  You tripped and broke something?  I said, “Oh, yeah, my husband mentioned something about that, let’s just move the extension cord to another outlet.”  “Naw, just reset the breaker in the garage.”  Uh, okay, I do know where the garage is, that’s half the battle.  I found the outlet, pushed a button and sure enough, problem fixed.  I feel empowered!  I did something useful!  I go back inside and sit at my computer, secretly hoping to goodness I hear no more knocks at my door.

Now don’t think poorly of me for poking fun at these guys’ accents.  Not all Southern accents are alike so there can be language barriers even with bordering states.   Here in NW Florida, we are so close to Alabama that we have their classic twang…think Forrest Gump.  These Georgian builders have a real drawl and don’t just pronounce differently but create whole new words…think Paula Deen.   I’m used to it, as my bil is from Georgia.  Folks from Louisiana and Mississippi?  Whew doggie, they have a vernacular all to themselves.  It’s all good, though.  I’m sure those windows will wind up being purty pretty as a picture. ;)  Speaking of pictures…



IMG_1061 IMG_1062

These guys worked all day and got so much done!  Poor things have to spend the night in a Comfort Inn and will be back on the job at 7am.  So much for sleeping in on our last week of vacation!  Stay tuned.  :)

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