Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cats On Tuesday: Smokey’s Ordeal


Smokey, Smokey, Smokey.  What am I going to do with this cat?  He came in limping early last week and wouldn’t put any weight on his back right leg.  I looked it over (as much as the meanie would let me) but could not ascertain any wound or obvious injury.  We though maybe he just needed some rest and waited a few days, but he did not improve.  Off to the vet we went, day before Christmas Eve.

IMG_0768 Here he is after we wrestled him into the carrier.  Not a happy camper.  Well he was loving that carrier after the vet tech took his temp, I’ll tell ‘ya that much.  The vet walked in and greeted us with “Oh, did he get in a fight again?”  Getting a bit of a reputation at the vet’s we are.  Well, it was determined that he did, indeed, get in another scrape of some kind and was bitten on the leg.  More than once.  They anesthetized him, shaved down his leg, cleaned up the wounds and injected him with antibiotic.  To the tune of $200!  Right before Christmas!  This cat has timing issues to say the least.

IMG_0769 Here is is walking like a drunk man shortly after I brought him back home.  He kept bumping into the cabinets so hard I thought he might wind up with a concussion.

IMG_0771 That’s the best shot I could get of his leg…he won’t let me anywhere near that general area. 

IMG_0770 Check out his eyes.  They were super dilated and all watery from the anesthesia.  No wonder he kept bumping into things.  They told me not to let him eat that night and he just sat by his food bowl, drifting in and out of sleep poor guy.

IMG_0774   At one point he goes face down in my lap and just stays there.  It was a pretty rough time for the guy.  But do you think he’s learned his lesson?  Doubtful.  He has had to be an indoor cat the last few days and isn’t happy about it.  I let him into the garage at night just to keep from hearing his constant meowing at the door and so we can attempt to get a few hours of sleep lol.  During the day he is fine with sleeping on ds3’s bed.  He is walking great and the wounds seem to be healing nicely so he lucked out once again.

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  1. Poor thing. Au got an abscess a fortnight ago too. At least they recover quickly. Ham worked wonders for Au, maybe Smokey would appreciate treats too?

  2. I know that with my Arthur ! The worst bite he had was in his tail and almost lost it ! He also had to stay inside and it was a torture for our nerves ! He sang operas the whole day, so finally before I got a nervous breakdown I bought a harness and we walked him in the garden. That worked fine, he just wanted to prove that he is stronger than we are !

  3. Ahhh, poor thing. Hope he's ok now.

  4. We use homeopathic remedies on ours - the wounds open and drain and not vet visit!

  5. Poor boy, I will purr for you to get better !

  6. Smokey wants extra cuddles when he's down! Hope he recovers fast!


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