Monday, December 27, 2010

The Shed: Part One

Dh is finally getting his shed.  It’s going to be a beauty, a two-story deal that certain family members have been hinting they wouldn’t mind living in.  ;)  The thing’s been paid for for over a month, but the permit paperwork didn’t go through until early last week.  Today the guy delivered the lumber.

IMG_1047 Dh took off from work for the event.  Here he is anxiously awaiting the delivery guy (who had the wrong address and therefore was late.)

IMG_1048 It’s been freakin’ cold!  Thankfully my mom gave me this super cool hooded jacket for Christmas.  I love it!

IMG_1050 The stuff came on an 18 wheeler!  The boys were impressed, but not enough to actually tear themselves away from their new Wii games and venture out into the cold.  Not to worry, dh and I acted like kids at Christmas over it all lol.

IMG_1051 Check out the forklift thingy.  It had two wheels up front and one in the back and could turn on a dime.

IMG_1052 Up close and personal with the forklift thingy.  Some of the lumber was so long it wouldn’t fit on either side of the house for the guy to take it to the back yard where the shed will be built.  Dh and ds2 wound up having to haul it back there by hand.

IMG_1053 Well, there it is.  A two-story shed in the making.

IMG_1054 There is where it’s going to go.  The builder called and said they will be here tomorrow at 7am.  Yikes!  Poor dh has to go out of town for work tomorrow and will miss most of the fun.  This will be fun, right?  Stay tuned.  ;)

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