Monday, December 6, 2010

We Take A Break From Cough Fest 2010

to bring you more holiday fun!  Well, as much fun as you can have when you are constantly coughing.  Ds4 is turning the corner we think, but ds3 picked up the bug and is having a hard time of it.  We have managed to squeeze in little activities between doctor visits and naps.  For Thursday we made paper snowflakes.  This was a treat for all, as I have never made any before myself.

IMG_0710 What will it look like?

IMG_0713 Almost there!

IMG_0715 Ta da!

IMG_0719 We added glitter to some of them.

IMG_0716 And my little angel even helped clean up.  :)

On Friday I made up some Christmas themed granola bars (with red and green m&m’s of course) and the boys made hot chocolate popsicles.


IMG_0725 Working on his pouring skills.

IMG_0732 Enjoying the final product.  I have some more fun little holiday activities planned as soon as these guys get over the sickies!

UPDATE:  Ds4 woke up this morning and said, “Look what I got!” while showing me his leg.  Well, he “got” the strangest rash I’ve ever seen, bright red welts on both ankles and wrists.  We headed to the dr and she said it’s part of his virus, the third child with it she has seen so far.  He itches a little, but otherwise doesn’t seem to be bothered with it so we are just waiting for it to clear up…and for ds3 to come down with it of course.  ;)

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  1. I hope all of you are feeling better soon. This time of the year is always filled with lots of bugs that we catch.
    Your granola bars look so good!


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