Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cats On Tuesday: Boxing Day


Mimi survived another Christmas without being thrown out with the trash…barely.  I think she has some secret wish of living at the dump.  Everyone was on high alert, told to check each box and bag twice before throwing them out, and Mimi kept us on our toes for sure.

IMG_0958 Here she is realizing just what is going on, and scoping out her prey.

IMG_0962 She opted for a box as her first attempt.  Too obvious, she realizes.

IMG_0965 Next she found a roomy bag.  This one was promising, but almost too concealing as at least two people accidently stepped on it and she narrowly escaped injury.

IMG_0991 You can’t go wrong with a simple cardboard shipping box, but it was a tad too small.

IMG_0993 Alright, we’ve cleaned up and everyone checked for Mimi, right?

IMG_0992 Wait.  Is that a, a black tail?

IMG_0994 And a white paw!  Yikes!  She did make it into the Christmas trash bag yet again.  Not to worry, I dug her out and foiled her plans of living at the dump for another year.  :)

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  1. Sometimes an empty bag is the best present of them all. But not for me!

  2. These cats ! they are terrible Rosie does the same, Arthur is worse he climbs in all cars with an open door or trunk. Fortunately the neighbors know and he is quiet visible because he is all white ! Real funny your cat in the box hahaha !

  3. Take care that you don´t get in the papertrash can !!!
    Here we have a huge cardbox in the living room from the christmas trash. The cats thinks that is the new cat bed .
    This is the best cat toy !!!

  4. Nothing like thinking you are lifting an empty box or bag then feeling the weight of a cat inside! Surprise!! They know how to have fun don't they?

  5. Cats and boxes; they just go together!

  6. Cats and boxes and bags should be delivery to my place : )
    They all are cute !!!!


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