Friday, January 28, 2011

Destination Disney: Unique Disney Photos


This week’s theme is unique Disney photos.  I am the primary photographer on our Disney trips (actually I’m the primary photographer for everything in our family lol) and I take a lot of pictures.  I try to remember the “rules” for good pics like getting people in the shots, but a lot of the time I just shoot whatever strikes my fancy.  Hence, I get some unique photos.  :)

mgm 023 This was a funny sign above the drink station at The Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios.  We were sitting in a booth across from this prop eating lunch, May 2009.

mgm 067 Hollywood Studios is an excellent place to get some unique perspective in pics.  This one showcases the fake backdrop that with the right light really looks like a street in San Francisco .

IMG_2407 Not all photos have to be “good” ones…yes, in this one it’s dark and no one is facing the camera.  That’s because we were on Goofy’s BarnStormer ride and my husband was the only one sitting alone and with any kind of opportunity to snap a shot.  It’s not perfect, but it sure reminds us of the fun we had.  :)

IMG_0326 On a visit to Animal Kingdom in 2009 we were treated to a happy face painted on a gorgeous blue background by a skywriter.

IMG_2336 My ds3 is into being “posey” lately.  He wanted me to take a pic of him in this “subway” entrance in Hollywood Studios.

IMG_2328 We were waiting to take a cartoon animation “class” and ds4 did not enjoy waiting.  Yes, I even take pics of the tantrums.  But since it was a tantrum at Disney World, it’s special.   :)

Well, there you have my take on “unique” Disney World photos.  We return to The World in 8 days and you can be sure I will take tons more.  For more Disney planning fun, head over to Heidi’s and join in!


  1. Awesome pictures! I enjoyed looking at them. :)

  2. Love the happy face! Sky-typers were there when we went in November, too.

  3. Hey Julie! Want to meet up with another TOS Crew family? We have passes and would be happy to join you. We are already planning on being down there on the 3rd for a Chinese New Year thing (there is a yahoo group called DisneySchooling that it's being organized through), but we are flexible.

  4. Oh, how I wish we lived close to Disney World! We hope to visit with our boys in a few years. You're pictures are great!

    Thanks for stopping by. In answer to your question about Anne of Green Gables, I have watched the movies (and loved every one of them!) for years but this is my first time reading the books. I loved it and I can't wait to finish the series.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures. I love the smiley face in the sky and the fake backdrop at Hollywood Studios. Have a great time when you go back there very soon. We go back in April and I have already started packing!


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