Thursday, January 27, 2011

Homeschool Hints: Usborne Internet-Linked Books

helpful_homeschool_hints I just found this cool meme, and since I need an excuse to sit here at my computer desk for a little longer, I decided to participate.  I’m quite generous and unselfish like that.  :)

I wanted to share about how helpful Usborne Internet-Linked books have been in our homeschooling.  These resources are what you come to expect from Usborne with colorful illustrations and loads of information, but with them you can also access super fun and equally informative websites relating to the material covered in the book.   You simply go to the Usborne book website, enter a page number from the book and up pop the links.  Most impressive to me so far is that I have yet to click on a bad link.  Seriously.  One of the books we have was first published in 2004 and even today the links still send us to legitimate sites.  Impressive, huh?  Shows me that Usborne is serious and cares about the resources it provides us.

51uQM2RGrHL__SL500_AA300_ This has been a wonderful companion to our SOTW Vol I studies this year.  Just today we finished up our SOTW reading about life in ancient Greece, perused the Usborne book’s offerings on the subject and then hit the computer to check out the links.  The boys had great fun on one interactive site learning about the Olympics and Greek drama, and on another they saw examples of an ancient Greek home and played a game where they put members of the household in the correct rooms.

51D500DV4NL__SL500_AA300_ We are also currently working on a human body study with this book as one of our main resources.  Today we covered the topic of our blood.  One of the sites we visited had a game where the boys learned how to type someone’s blood and give surgery patients the correct blood type before their operation.  Then we saw a site that had a virtual tour of someone going to a blood center and donating.  So fun, so interesting and so engaging!  This kind of stuff helps balance out the “book learning” and keep my boys excited about school.

I’m not affiliated with Usborne in any way, not trying to sell a product, just sharing something that has helped us in our homeschooling.  :)  For more Helpful Homeschool Hints visit Many Little Blessings.


  1. We love USBORNE books so much I almost think I should become a rep just to get discounts on books we take out of the library far too often! Thanks for your tip. :)

  2. We love Usborne books and the links are awesome! We'll have to try and get the one on the human body from the library. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thanks for purring for Au and the kind words, Julie. He has liver disease. We're hoping he'll recover. Keep purring please?

  4. I love the Internet linked books too! I sold Usborne for a while, but they just had a few Internet linked titles back then. I love that the jumping of point for searching the links is their site- it seems much safer when children are looking up the links. I need to go find my Usborne books! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Can I just admit that although we have some Internet linked Usborne books, I have never gone on their site to check out more information? *blush* I'll need to put that on my to do list for sure!


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