Friday, January 7, 2011

TOS Review: See-N-Read


See-N-Read provides many simple but effective tools to help readers of all ages improve their fluency and comprehension.  The devices basically help a reader focus on whatever line of text they are reading so they can see and recall the information better.

th_41wivvr4VL__SL500_AA300_ This pic shows a See-N-Read reading tool being used on an ordinary book.  It has a clear reading window that focuses on one line of text at a time and tinted areas above and below the reading window that serve to both filter out distractions and let a reader keep their place.

IMG_1082 My pic here shows the document size of the See-N-Read for larger books (like our space book) or printed documents.  Great for picture books as well.

IMG_1084 This is the Memory Mark series, in which the clear reading window is cut out to allow for highlighting or other marking.  This version is useful for the older student and note taker like my ds2.

See-N-Read also comes in a handy electronic version for all your computer reading needs.  This application is very user friendly and customizable.  You can set the eSee-N-Read to follow your cursor on the computer screen, move and resize the white reading bar and even change the color to block out ads on sites you are showing your students.

IMG_1085 This is a pic of the eSee-N-Read on my computer screen, highlighting text from a novel I downloaded.

IMG_1087 We even used the eSee-N-Read for highlighting some text on a website we visited for history studies.  Ds2 found the eSee-N-Read especially helpful for reading through the large amounts of text on screen in his virtual school classes. 

The See-N-Read people have really done their research and developed products proven to help with many common reading problems.  You can read all about that here.

I will admit that ds3 eschewed the devices for general reading purposes (as did I.  Neither of us found them necessary.)  However, you can see in my pics that we did indeed find several uses for these products in our homeschooling, and dh and I found ourselves employing them in everyday computer work, proving the See-N-Read useful beyond just improving reading skills.  See-N-Read book size and Memory Mark both cost $2.99 and the document size See-N-Read is $3.49.  All are available in multi packs at discounted prices.  The eSee-N-Read for PCs is $29.99 and also available for multi-user licensing.

I was given a regular and document size See-N-Read, a Memory Mark and a trial of eSee-N-Read to facilitate this review.  I received no other compensation.  To see how my fellow TOS Crewmembers used See-N-Read, click on the banner below.


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