Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cats On Tuesday


IMG_1245 Mimi is one smart kitty.  She knows where the real power lies in this house…control over the television remote!  That’s my girl.  :)

For more kitty fun visit Gattina. 

Update on dh and his pneumonia…dh is on day 4 of his 5 day regiment of antibiotics but still unable to get out of bed.  When he does he has terrible coughing fits.  He only finds relief while lying on his stomach.  The meds are working as he isn’t having the chills and sweats anymore, I guess it’s just going to take a while for his lungs to heal.


  1. That's pretty cute, controlling the remote control. I am sorry that your dh isn't well. I hope he recovers quickly.

  2. Cats are specialist to change programs on TV and then it's such a nice napping place.
    I hope your DH will get better soon, antibiotics make you weak and tired. It takes some time to recover.

  3. Cute!!!!!
    Following you from MBC:-)
    Always enjoy meeting other homeschoolers and Floridians!

  4. Mimi is so gorgeous, and so clever too :O) Do hope your DH is on the mend soon.

  5. *lol* Way to go girl !!!
    Having fun and having fun with my toy ?!
    I wouldn´t chase it if it was empty ;-)

  6. I love the kitty with the remote!

  7. We have a male cat that looks like Mimi. His name is Romeo. He is our cuddle lover!

    I'm sorry you DH is still feeling so out of it. Coughing does tax the body. More prayers and healing energy to him, I hope he is feeling better soon!

    Peace and Laughter!

  8. Oh poor baby! We're purring for you. ANd that the right channel is on :-)

    Au is eating 3 times as much as he was on Monday. This FIV miracle drug he's testing seems to be working. We're over the moon!

  9. Hi Mimi, what's your favorite show? Tom and Jerry? She looks tired watching TV.

  10. She wants to hog the Animal Planet Channel?

  11. LOL -- yes, that's true here also -- control of the remote is where the real control is at! Very cute photo!

    Sending good thoughts for your DH that he feels better each day and gets back to himself soon!


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