Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Epcot Trip Report: The One With The Evacuation

After we spent the morning in Animal Kingdom we went back to the hotel for a quick dip in the pool and then headed out to Epcot for the evening.

IMG_1735 Check out the bumper sticker I spotted in the parking lot at AK…too cool, huh?  Do you think it follows that Democrats are for Dumbledore?

IMG_1775 I got this great shot of the monorail in the beautiful blue sky on our way in to Epcot.  We just never tire of riding and or seeing the monorail.

IMG_1778 Now our first stop in Epcot is traditionally Spaceship Earth, but before we got in line there, a young boy approached and offered me his family’s unused fastpasses for Soarin’.  They were leaving and would be unable to use them.  Wouldn’t you know he had 5 of them as well?  What luck.  :)  We high tailed it over to The Land pavilion to use the passes before they expired.

IMG_1779 I love The Land pavilion.  It’s a pretty busy place but has such a calming and wonder-filled atmosphere.  Ds4 doesn’t like Soarin’ so he and I hung out at the exit and waited on the others.  There were plenty of other youngsters waiting with their mamas and daddies as well, and I had the privilege of being drooled on on the knee by one rather precocious little one as she toddled around.  Ds thought it was gross and rather presumptuous of the sweetie, but I kind of enjoyed it.  ;)

IMG_1784 We were then able to hop right on to the Living With The Land ride.  It’s also one of our faves.

IMG_1791 IMG_1793

IMG_1801 I could take pictures in that greenhouse all day!

IMG_1816 Ah, what’s an Epcot post without a “golf ball” shot?

IMG_1817 Or two?  This is outside of The Living Seas pavilion.  We walked right on to the Nemo ride and checked out some of the neat exhibits inside.

IMG_1820 I’d always seen this tube in the pavilion but never when a diver was inside doing a demonstration.  My lucky day!

IMG_1821 Can you find Nemo?

IMG_1829 IMG_1830

I thought the puffer fish was pretty cool.

IMG_1840 Ah, the highlight of any trip to Disney World…Mickey Ice Cream!  Turns out this day was the only one actually warm enough to enjoy this special treat.

IMG_1841 And enjoy it we did!

IMG_1844 IMG_1849

In Innovations there is a place where you can record images of yourself and get them put in your very own video game.  Ds4 was all over that lol!

IMG_1852 Here he is playing the finished game.  We were able to email the game home and he has been playing it here ever since.

IMG_1855 Another shot of Spaceship Earth.  This time we actually did get on the ride.

IMG_1860 You may be wondering how I got such a close-up and bright picture of dh and ds3 while on the ride.  That’s because, for the first time ever for us, we got stuck on the ride and had to leave via the emergency exit.  I know!  It was too cool.  The ride suddenly lurched to a halt shortly after the fall of Rome.

IMG_1862 We sat and watched this part continuously for about 15 minutes while the “please remain seated, the ride will resume shortly” speech played over and over.  But the ride did not resume and a real voice came over the speakers and announced that the ride could not go on and a cast member would be along shortly to escort us out.

IMG_1863 Then the lights came on and the sound from the ride stopped.  I was very proud of my boys.  They didn’t panic or seem upset at all.  I think it was actually a good lesson for them, that these rides may seem unreal and scary but they are indeed just man made thrills.  Of course, every ride we went on after this incident they would look around and wonder how you evacuated lol.  Here’s a brief video I took with my little camera.

We were given special fastpasses with no time limit to some of the rides in Epcot as compensation.  I told dh we should have held out for a free dinner lol.  After we made the trek up the tiny stairs along the edges of the ride and exited out we called it a night and headed back to the hotel.  It was a pretty memorable and tiring first day of our Disney World adventure.  :)


  1. Love those fishes. Great colours and hardly any flash.

    Au is eating 3 times as much as he was on Monday. This FIV miracle drug he's testing seems to be working. We're over the moon!

  2. Great pictures! You'll always remember "the time we got stuck on Spaceship Earth" - that's the stuff memories are made up.

  3. Enjoying a bit of sunshine at your blog. I'm in the cold (very cold!) north. Brrrr......Can't wait for summer! ;-) (Stopping by as part of the TOS Crew blog walk.)

  4. I love giving our extra fastpasses away to a family. What luck that little guy had 5 to give you guys. Thanks for the pictures, I like seeing other families disney adventures!


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