Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Magic Kingdom Trip Report

Day two dawns on our Disney World trip and we decide to visit the Magic Kingdom.  It is a cold, cloudy, cold, windy (did I say cold?) day.  But hey, you’re in the Magic Kingdom, who cares about the weather, right?

IMG_1870 On the drive in from our hotel on the property we pass the monorail headed to and from Epcot.

IMG_1873 - Copy We were pretty early and parked close enough to the Ticket and Transportation Center to skip the tram and walk.

IMG_1876 - Copy The monorail headed to MK was not functioning and we did not feel like freezing on the boat ride over, so we took the resort monorail over to the Polynesian to kill some time.

IMG_1885 - Copy Dh and I in the main lobby of the Polynesian hotel.

IMG_1897 - Copy Obligatory picture in front of the castle.

IMG_1913 - Copy First place my guys wanted to go?  Buzz Lightyear!



IMG_1935 - CopyDh and ds2 head for Space Mountain so the little guys and I ride Tomorrowland Transit Authority.  This shot is from near the Buzz Lightyear ride.

IMG_1946 - Copy We go to Space Mountain to meet up with dh and ds and play in the arcade while we wait.  A very nice cast member gave ds4 a free ride on this game.

IMG_1948 - Copy IMG_1949 - Copy Which led to the desire to drive the real thing!  So we headed to the racecars.

IMG_1958 - Copy I love this pic, it really captures how much fun he had driving that little car.  It was cold as…well, it was cold, but he didn’t seem to care.

IMG_1968 - Copy Next we walked to Fantasyland and saw very little line for Pooh so we hopped on.  I am loving the new interactive area as you wait in line.

IMG_1969 - Copy IMG_1970 - Copy

Cute signage and fun games keep the wait interesting.

IMG_1982 - Copy As you get closer there is a picture covered in honey that you can sweep your hand across to reveal characters.

IMG_1995 After the ride ds3 and ds4 had their first pin trading experience.   As usual, ds4 covets his pin but ds3 is hooked on trading lol!

IMG_1996 - Copy Here is some of the art on the walls blocking the Fantasyland expansion construction.

IMG_2000 - Copy Had to take a pic of the Toontown sign, it won’t be there next time we go!

IMG_2013 - Copy Ds is waving me on, “Hurry up, Mom, we’re up front!”  Indeed, we were in the first car on the Goofy Barnstormer ride.

IMG_2018 - Copy My thrill seekers in the car behind us.

IMG_2017 IMG_2022

Yes, crazy me took pictures on the climb up.  At this point I am so cold I can’t feel my hands or nose anymore.  We head to the shop across from the ride to buy ds2 and I some jackets.  After that we took a break for lunch, so I’ll take a break here and report on the rest of our day in the next post.


  1. We spent a very cold day in the Magic Kingdom in 2009. I am loving your trip reports!

  2. Looks like fun - we went there several times while we lived in FL - all our friends took the kids there.


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