Monday, February 28, 2011

Homeschool Week 21


Both boys have hit a bit of a snag in math.  Ds3 can’t seem to grasp factors.  I think it’s because he has still not mastered multiplication.  He is making progress in learning the facts, it’s just that he isn’t understanding the concept, and therefore factors are not making sense to him.  Ds4 has worked so much in Mathletics that he did everything in the 1st grade level already.  I wish they actually had more levels within each grade.  I am letting him do the kindergarten level, which is too easy, but he loves Mathletics and is not giving it up lol.

Ds3 picked Call of the Wild for reading.  This week we learned a little about Jack London and read the first few chapters.  He is helping me review a new language arts resource and a new geography workbook so it’s been a week of new stuff for him.

Both boys have been enjoying our human body study so much that I’m giving it more time than I had planned.  This week we made a lot of the models in Scholastic’s Human Body Easy Make & Learn Projects.

IMG_2418 A mobile of different types of cells.

IMG_2420 Here they are labeling each other’s brain hats.

IMG_2442 Coloring the skin model.  Note that ds4 is still wearing his brain hat…he has done so every day since he made it.  :)

IMG_2443 Looking at the skin model.

We’ve spent a lot of the week out of the house.  It has finally warmed up enough for a trip to the park.

IMG_2426 IMG_2423

IMG_2438 IMG_2436

We all truly truly need this return to warmth and sun, I hope it continues!


  1. Picnic in the park in the warm sounds wonderful!! I love your ideas of a brain hat and mobiles, we might have to try that.

  2. Thanks for returning the visit to my blog - great to meet you! A friend of mine whose son struggled with multiplication suggested Times Tables the Fun Way, which is a visual method of learning them. Her son is an Aspie and incredibly smart but was completely stumped by times tables until this book. I haven't gotten it yet for my little guy, so I can't actually give a personal review, but it is on my list for him.


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